Paul Russell is a fifth generation blacksmith. His family owns and operates Lawndale Forge, a steel forge on the west side of Chicago that predates the Chicago fire.  Paul creates hand-forged pieces of both industrial strength and aesthetic elegance.

At the young age of ten, Paul began lending a hand in the forge by carrying hot bars of steel to the blacksmiths for hammering. Paul began to learn the art and skill of the trade first-hand when he was 19.  In the following few years, he experimented with and researched the proper techniques for hammering and bending metal on the anvil.  Now that he has mastered these skills, he creates one-of-a-kind, functional designs for homes and businesses as well as public art commissions. 

He takes the time and effort to ensure that each design will not only be beautiful, graceful, and original, but also safe, sturdy, and weather-resistant. Paul is an endlessly creative husband and father to three. His artistic and athletic talents extend to music and boxing. He is an accomplished strings player and holds the 2011 second-place trophy in the Chicago Golden Gloves.

Paul lives in Brookfield, Illinois.

Please call (708) 655-5672 with questions or to speak with Paul directly.